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ANNOUNCEMENT & INFORMATION Some Good news about Pavel (0)
while looking at the encyclopedia pages, I notice there was links to 2 developers who had worked on the server and page templates. I emailed them both on the off chance they knew Pavel and one of them replied that while he hadn't hear from him in 3 years, he gave me a link to some other sites Pavel maintain which show recent activities. So, that is good. I have have now written to Pavel via those sites to make sure everything is fine with him....
marcpasquin > 19-July-2017 15:51:19

ANNOUNCEMENT & INFORMATION future of encyclopedia and forum (4)
okay, a few things to report after looking around thanks to Dmitry letting me in. 1- Forum and encyclopedia privileges are not linked. However, it is possible to create new admins for the encyclopedia (I'm marcpasquin55) but you have to be careful not to remove your own privileges as it is currently impossible to edit already existing users without encountering a syntax error. On the plus side, the creation of a new admin does not require the email to be validated so while it is mandatory to enter one and the same can't be entered twice, as long as it has the right syntax, it can be "" for all that the system care so that if accident happen, we can always give an editor a new ID. 2- the only way to upload new images to the site is via the media managers which, unfortunately, always seems to time out. This also means incidentally that I can't download a backup without doing so image by image. I have however found a workaround to the first problem: indidual pages are created dynamically using a template but the table containing the images is defined using good old html. This means that some images can be linked from outside the site as you can see on this test page: with the image being the one posted on: Other images are simply entered as "name.extension" so that I will have to try and see if those accept full urls. 3- it would seem that a large part of the problems encountered are due to a need to patch or tweak the global settings. Unfortunately, only the superuser (Pavel) can make changes at that end so this means that although we have some limited functionality, it is possible to: - give editing power to more people as needed - edit and create new pages - add images to the pages as long as they are stored somewhere else that allows hotlinking. Not perfect but it would allow a much needed update at the very least....
marcpasquin > 19-July-2017 2:21:19

Hi! It's worth a quick search of the Forum; there was quite a lot of discussion about this in several threads. It was indeed a bit over a year ago. Hope that helps! ...
Medic_in_Uniform > 18-July-2017 15:42:18

AMERICA - MILITARY BRANCH & RANK INSIGNIA Possible new enlisted pay grades in the US military (2)
Well, I suppose ANY forum is a field (or even a sandbox) for various speculations. So, why not? Particulalry, if anything to be discussed has some official or semiofficial background) And again, does anybody know where is Pavel? I've sent a lot of mails to him, couple times even tried to call him, but - alas - failed. Any idea? We didn't see him for almost 2 years already......
Dorward_Bis > 18-July-2017 14:57:18