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ANNOUNCEMENT & INFORMATION 2017 - New websites of Encyclopedia (8)
Another idea would be to include the source use for the images: primary (directly from the organisation itself) or secondary (from someone not directly affiliated with the organisation). It would also be a good idea to indicate if its based on a rendering (written description or drawing), a sighting of an insignia as part of a collection or on a sighting of the insignia in use (being on site or via a photo/video). The reason why this might be of use is that there is a number of time when the uniforms and insignia as worn diverge from the official description of them. Insurgent groups in the middle of a conflict often simply went with what they could scrounge rather then try to follow official guidelines. Also, I remember seeing a number of official decrees from the 18th and early 19th century warning officers, who at the time paid for their own uniforms, to follow guidelines to the letters and not try to embellish them meaning that the practice was probably quite widespread. In both these cases it means that pointing the source of our information can help reconcile what at first would seem like contradictions....
marcpasquin > 16-August-2017 17:15:16

ANNOUNCEMENT & INFORMATION Technical problems (0)
Its impossible to upload images. /Luke...
Luke2 > 14-August-2017 18:29:14

EUROPE - LAW ENFORCEMENT BRANCH & RANK INSIGNIA Chair of the National Police Chiefs' Council, United Kingdom (7)
Indeed. In many ways, it seems the the NPCC is rather more formal in its inception than ACPO had been, with a number of specific co-ordination roles at a national level -- I wasn't aware of that either....
Medic_in_Uniform > 10-August-2017 0:39:10

ANNOUNCEMENT & INFORMATION My dear friends, I welcome you all. (12)
Welcome back, my friend!...
Erskine Calderon > 10-August-2017 0:18:10