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The Space Corps discussed last year was contemplated to be spun off from the Air Force, so we could imagine Air Force rank titles and insignia, possibly with an Air Force uniform but in black or midnight blue. The new Space Force (which I'd bet will be slow-walked by the Joint Chiefs) is said to incorporate the space-related elements of the Army, Navy/Marine Corps, and Air Force, so would be a truly new service. The "easy" choice, in the U.S. tradition, would be Army rank titles and insignia for officers, with something like the Air Force for enlisted (perhaps the way Marc drew them up). I was wondering, tho', if such a service might not go the route of the Royal Air Force, and combine the titles and insignia of the founding services. I would imagine an Air Force pattern service uniform, but in black, with the following rank titles: O-1 - Engisn O-2 - Lieutenant O-3 - Captain O-4 - Major O-5 - Commander O-6 - Colonel O-7 - Commodore The senior flag ranks are interesting. Would they go the "Army" route (Major-General etc.), the "Navy" route (Rear Admiral etc.) - or borrow from the RAF (Space Vice-Marshal etc.)? At a guess, the enlisted ranks would probably be something like the Air Force, but the bottom 3 are a bit of a mystery. "Spaceman" and "Crewman" aren't accurate. For the officers' rank insignia I was thinking of Navy-style (or perhaps I should say the style of the Air Force under General McPeak)....
jrichardn2 > 21-June-2018 16:52:21

AFRICA - MILITARY BRANCH & RANK INSIGNIA General of the Army of Liberia (1)
A senior rank for a Regiment-sized military. The most senior military officer of Liberia currently should be a Major General. Are promotions programmed?...
Helios88 > 18-June-2018 16:16:18

HYPOTHETICAL RANKS World government ranks and insignia (19)
Ranks up to Captain use the Army system, don't they? I think they may be renamed as "Physician" 1st and 2nd class and "Probationary". :)...
Helios88 > 18-June-2018 16:11:18

EUROPE - LAW ENFORCEMENT BRANCH & RANK INSIGNIA Italy police new rank badges (3)
A definitive departure from military-style insignia. P.S. This thread should be moved to the Law enforcement section. :)...
Helios88 > 18-June-2018 16:06:18